About us

Thank you very much for taking an interest in our services.
We are a family firm of highly qualified professionals providing consultancy services for discerning clients. We have an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to our work.



Michael Schnopp
Managing Partner


Francois Aktuell

Dr. François Martin


Samira Schnopp-Zizi
Head Finance & HR

Our vision

  • We aim to win the respect of our clients by providing professional excellence
  • We work with our clients to uncover their route to future success by formulating solutions and identifying sustainable potential
  • We are guided by a system of values based on humanity, fairness and sincerity

Our mission

Our world and our circumstances are changing ever more swiftly, constantly presenting new challenges to companies and their staff. We wish to steal a march on time so we can provide our clients with future-oriented advice. Our diversity, as well as our insights and tools from multiple research areas, guide us towards fulfilling this mission.


  • Openness, honesty and directness inform our relationships, our thinking and our actions
  • We stand out from other companies by cultivating a strong EIQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient) & SIQ (Spiritual Intelligence Quotient)
  • Innovation and the use of modern communications media are at the heart of what we do
  • All our business relationships and services are geared towards fair partnership
  • We place human considerations at the centre of our practice
  • Our work is oriented towards maximum customer benefit, professionalism and business excellence


  • Our overarching goal is an open, honest client relationship based on mutual trust
  • Many years of experience in executive search
  • Holistic, interdisciplinary approach (protagonist)
  • Comprehensive network of market contacts
  • Cutting-edge tools and methods